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Don't feel hidebound by convention when trying to get out of a bunker
There are occasions in golf, as in every part of life, where routine takes over and we act automatically, without thinking. This is especially true of a sport that by its nature involves trying to do the same or similar things time after time.

This can often be seen in greenside bunkers where golfers will automatically reach for their sand wedge, because that's the club they use to escape the hazard.

And yet it may not be the best weapon for the job. For example, it is acknowledged that the long bunker shot - 40 yards and more - is one of the hardest in the game. But even if you're greenside but a distance from the flagstick you might want to experiment with clubs.

If you need the ball to fly a high lip, for example, but run quite a distance on landing, try using your 9-iron. You open the clubface and use the same technique as you would with a sand iron but the ball will roll considerably more on landing.

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