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To drive the ball further, make sure your arms are extended
In 2003, Paul Casey averaged 304 yards from the tee on par four and five holes. That's an average, remember, and one that was established over 124 drives, so it isn't down to luck on a given day.

There will be many reasons why he hits the ball so far but on thing common to all big hitters is that they achieve proper extension of their arms, both in the backswing and follow-through. In comparison, many amateur golfers keep their arms close to their body, which inhibits free release through impact.

To find out if you develop the necessary extension, go to the practice ground and simply put a tee into the ground about two feet directly behind the ball, on your target line. Now take the club back and make a point of knocking the tee over during your backswing.

If you can't manage it, chances are you're not extending properly.

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