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As in so many things, less can really mean more
Tom Lehman, Mark James, Doug Sanders and many other golfers throughout history - particularly when they get to their senior years - all have short backswings, and yet this has never inhibited them from giving the ball a good thump.

In fact, John Daly is almost unique among Tour pros in being able to swing well past parallel and yet still find the fairway. And in John's case it is down to superb natural timing so when that is off, even by a small amount, he's in trouble.

Think of amateurs with whom you play and there's a good chance that many are characterised by a short backswing, but there's still a good chance that they out-drive you. The reason is, they're in control. The further the clubhead moves as you take it away from the ball, the more chance there is for it to move off-line.

So if you're inconsistent in your ball striking, try shortening your swing and imagining that every shot you play is a three-quarter approach wedge. There's every chance you'll not only hit the ball more consistently, but further, too.

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