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When the wind blows, avoid some of the common mistakes
Strong winds are the bane of a golfer's life, but with the summer we've been having so far in Scotland, you need to know how to play when the breeze gets up.

One of the biggest problems is playing into a headwind, especially from the tee, and a common mistake is to tee the ball lower, in the expectation that it will have a lower, more penetrating trajectory. In fact the opposite occurs. Teeing the ball low encourages a steeper downward attack, and if you swing down steeply, the ball will take off on a steeper angle.

What you should do is tee the ball up at the height you would usually use and simply remember to take the clubhead back on a low, slow trajectory.

If the wind is behind you, tee the ball up higher than usual, move it forward a little in your stance - this ensures you hit it on the upswing so that it takes off on a high trajectory and gives the wind every chance of pushing it that extra 20 or 30 yards.

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