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Keep it down
Apart from being the best golfer in the world, Tiger Woods is one of the smartest.

This year his hopes of Open victory were blown away at Muirfield for two reasons. First, as he admits, he was just having a day when he wasn't striking the ball too well. Second, his natural shot soars high and lands softly, which doesn't always lend itself to links golf when the wind blows.

So what's the betting that by next year he'll have perfected the low flying, long-running shot that so many Scots golfers play out of necessity, to keep the ball as unaffected by wind as possible.

And for the amateur, it's not only useful but easy to play. Simply put the ball off your back foot, take no more than a three-quarter swing (preferably half) and chop off your follow-through to the same length, remembering to keep the back of your leading hand driving through to the target (in other words, don't let your hands 'release' through impact as they usually would). Oh, and keep your body movement to an absolute minimum, this is a hands and arms shot.

Most importantly, don't try it on the course until you've had at least a few goes on the range, and therefore have some idea of the distance the ball will travel with different clubs.

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