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If you swing 'over the top' and slice, a relatively simple cure might just help
Apparently 90% of golfers slice the ball and in many instances the ball's banana flight is cause by coming 'over the top' during the downswing. This means that the hands and arms 'cast' the clubhead, a bit like casting a fly on the end of a fishing line, so that the clubhead travels on an exaggerated out-to-in path. This creates the sidespin on the ball that causes it start straight, or even slightly left of target, and bend viciously to the right.

As with so many swing faults, this one is actually created by the takeaway, which tends to be too much behind the body or 'inside' the line. That's the bad news, the good news is that it's relatively easy to fix.

All you need do is make sure that as you start the backswing by making the clubhead travel directly back from the ball and the easiest way to do this is to lightly push a tee peg into the ground 18 inches behind the ball, directly back along the target line.

Using an iron with which you feel comfortable, simply make sure that in the first part of your backswing, you knock the tee over. That will set you out on the correct backswing path, and hopefully lead to a much improved downswing.

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