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Keeping your chin up might help you do the same with the ball
Because the golf ball sits on, or very near, the ground, we have to incline our head downwards in order to see it. But very often, without being aware of it, this head position becomes exaggerated, to the point where our chin virtually sits on our chest.

This one simple fault creates a chain reaction in which our shoulders are not free to rotate properly, which in turn can lead to a tilting, 'reverse pivot' swing that causes our shoulders to tilt rather than turn.

Have a look at the pictures of Darren Clarke and especially Nick Faldo (above) to get an idea of what your head position should be at address - and throughout the swing.

The reverse pivot can father many faults but if you are plagued with inconsistent striking and a tendency to hit the ground behind the ball, it might just need a bit of chin up to get you sorted.

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