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A lighter grip will not only reduce tension but will also help you drive further
In the wake of Europe's tremendous Ryder Cup win there are things we can all learn from all the players at Oakland Hills but Sergio Garcia's long, straight driving offers one of the most valuable lessons.

When trying to hit the ball further a lot of amateurs make the crucial mistake of tightening their grip and trying to thump the ball but Sergio is the opposite and spends a great deal of time concentrating on keeping his grip loose - to the extent that, a couple of seasons ago, his constant gripping and re-gripping was driving a lot of observers nuts.

But if try throwing a ball with stiff wrists and a tight grip, you'll get much less distance than if you relax and let your wrists naturally unhinge and release - the same applies in golf, where it is essential that the looseness of your hands on the club allow the clubhead to flow through impact.

You won't let go of the club on the backswing because your hands naturally increase their grip pressure as you take the club to the top - but if you start with them squeezing the handle of the club, this will only be exacerbated.

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