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Stand on your club for a better idea
On Scotland's links courses going into a fairway bunker often means getting out by any means possible. But at many other courses these hazards can be shallow and allow you, at the very least, to progress the ball up the fairway and even on to the green.

The only thing you need to be concerned about is the height of the lip, and then to select the right club to ensure you get over it - and here's a simple way of finding out which club will do the job.

Lay any club on the ground and stand on the clubface. The angle that the shaft adopts will give you a pretty clear idea of the trajectory your ball will take when it leaves the clubface. The picture over shows a pitching wedge, while the photograph above shows a wedge and 5-iron together.

This could also help you decide which club to use to try and carry low trees or bushes but it's most effective for fairway bunkers.

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