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If you want to putt better, think about your clubhead after the stroke
Once the ball leaves your clubface there is nothing you can do to influence its path - apart, perhaps, from talking to it but in our experience this is fairly ineffective.

However, thinking about your follow-through can influence the shot. For example, if you want to punch the ball low into the wind, thinking about shortening your follow-through and (in the case of right-handed players) keeping the back of the left hand pointed skywards, rather than letting it roll counter-clockwise, does have an effect.

So it is with putting where, if anything, the follow-through is even more important than the backstroke. Because most of us leave 90% of our putts short of the hole, getting the ball to reach its intended target is even more important than the line. To make sure you come up short less often, simply concentrate on pushing the putter head further towards the hole after impact.

In the process you will discover yourself coming up short much less often - you may even start holing a few.

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