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Waggle wisely
Almost all golfers have some sort of pre-shot routine and the best teachers and players in the game often stress its importance. But what they usually argue is that you should have a set routine that you follow under all circumstances but there is one part of your address that can be harnessed to improve your shot-making and thats the waggle.

Of itself its simply a way to keep the muscles loose and prevent freezing over the ball but it can also be used as a way of getting your swing on the right track.

For many golfers the waggle becomes their full swing in miniature - so the person who swings out-to-in, cutting across the ball and often slicing it, is very likely, even during their waggle, to move the club outside the line, for example.

If they could get themselves into the discipline of waggling the clubhead directly back from the ball, or even slightly inside the line, they would be preparing their muscle memory to repeat that first movement when it comes to the swing proper, and be well on the road to eliminating their destructive slice.

Next time you play, watch the waggle that other players make and see if it mimics their full swing but in miniature. Then look at your own waggle and try to get into the habit of using it as a way to start ingraining a good swingpath.

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