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When in doubt, back to basics
Some days you just know you're going to play badly because everything feels wrong - addressing a ball feels like the most alien thing in the world and trying to swing - well, forget it.

At other times you feel perfectly fine but just can't play and when either of these scenarios occurs the best way to get back on track is to return to basics.

ScotishGolf once interviewed Ian Woosnam (pictured) at a time when he was recovering from a slump in form and asked him, at times like that, what his major swing thought was. The Welshman said: 'Turn and swish', which is as simple a philosophy of the golf swing as it's possible to get.

For other players, thinking 'low and slow' at the start of the backswing can make a significant difference, and for yet others, trying to swing within themselves and not force the shot works wonders.

The point is, there is almost certainly a key swing thought that will work for you and if you don't already have one, try out a few basic reminders or drills until you one find one that fits.

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