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Analyse this
Annika Sorenstam has always been successful but even after she reached the pinnacle of her profession she continued looking for ways to improve.

At the beginning of last season, for example, she appeared leaner, fitter and stronger after a winter establishing and then following a strict fitness regime.

But the other area she admits she works on a great deal is her analysis of what she does well and, more critically, less well (although in her case 'less well' is very much a comparative term). And this is an area in which we could all learn from the best in world.

At the end of every round Annika reviews in her mind how she played each hole, and she compiles statistical evidence as well to confirm or deny her gut-feelings and there's no reason why you couldn't do the same for your game.

For example, do you routinely keep a note of the number of putts you take? And if you miss a green, do you know if your ball is more likely to go left, right, long or short? How many fairways do you find and how many sand saves do you make?

Without too much effort, all this information could be stored on your scorecard for later analysis. In the main box, where you record your score for the hole, add the number of putts you took as a smaller figure. You could then use the following abbreviations:
For tee shots,
- means you missed the target
F = Fairway
G = Green

For approach shots:
G = Green
L = Left
Lo = Long
R = Right
S = Short
B = Bunker.

A typical entry might therefore read: 5 (2) FBR
which tells you that you took five, with two putts, having found the fairway and then a bunker right of the green.

You might well be surprised at some of the answers this system produces, and able to turn that knowledge into constructive practice and better play.

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