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Keep the clubface open for better bunker shots
Ian Woosnam, pictured left, has always been rightly respected for the quality of his iron play and the distance he hits the ball. But he's also an extremely accomplished bunker player and here demonstrates one of the fundamentals of getting out of the sand.

To promote distance and proper release of the hands, they rotate anti-clockwise (for right-handed players) through and immediately after impact. But if you tried this from a bunker there's a real possibility you could bury the ball in sand because it effectively 'closes' the clubface.

The classic splash bunker shot requires that the clubface remain open and the easiest way to ensure this is not to allow your hands to rotate as they normally would. Instead, have a mental image of holding the clubface open as long as possible by trying to keep the back of your left hand pointing towards the target for as long as possible.

As Woosie demonstrates (along with Greg Owen over), this ensures a ball that flies high and stops quickly.

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