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Follow Monty if you want to hole more putts
Colin Montgomerie has been in the headlines all season but often for the wrong reasons. However, one of his more recently publicised changes could help you, too.

To help overcome his putting problems he's been looking at the hole, rather than down on the ball, as he strikes the putt and, while you may not have Monty's courage in taking this method onto the course, it's an excellent practice drill.

Next time you're at your club, try it on the practice green, it's a great way to develop feel. Also, for most handicap golfers, judging distance on longer putts is a problem and looking at the hole helps considerably.

Finally, it's a good way to groove your stroke and, as importantly, highlight any consistent errors you may have because whatever happens when you look down on the ball or at your clubhead is likely to be exaggerated if you're looking at the hole instead.

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