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Putt to win
There are many sins to commit on a golf course but decelerating into the ball is one of the greatest. We often see players take long backswings with a wedge, for example, but then try to hit the ball softly because their brain subconsciously tells them that to hit it with that length swing would send it clear over the green.

But nowhere is it more important to accelerate through the ball than on the putting green and one of the best players to watch for a demonstration of this, as in so many other things, is Tiger Woods.

He follows the old adage that, however long your backswing should be, the the throughswing should be longer. If you're not sure how you putt, try and practise in front of a mirror and make a conscious effort to swing the club as you usually would.

Be warned, however, that once you start pushing the putter head through to the hole, your putts will go considerably further. However, as most amateurs tend to leave the ball short, this shouldn't be a real problem.

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