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Focus brings its own reward
Nick Price has always been a good golfer but for a couple of years in the early '90s he was touched by greatness and the best player in the world.

Shortly after his momentous Open win at Turnberry in 1994 ScottishGolf asked him what made the difference and he replied that he concentrated completely on the job in hand and no longer allowed himself to be distracted, which he thought was the best tip he could pass on to amateur players.

'No matter what's happening in your life,' he said, 'for the 20 seconds or so immediately before, and while you're playing a shot, you must act as if it's the most important thing in the world.'

He added that of course, hitting a golf shot is not that significant but it is important to act as if it is. One of the problems with golf, Nick said, is that there's so much 'down' time - walking between shots, waiting on your fellow competitiors to play, or during an interruption - that it is easy to lose concentration.

'To let your mind wander between shots is not only okay, it's probably advisable,' he added, 'but when it comes to your turn to play, block out everything else until after the ball has gone.'

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