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Do your feet - and game - a favour with Hi-Tec
Product test
Hi-Tec MM500 shoes

These Hi-Tec shoes looked good to me but some obviously envious friends commented that the brown on white and the protruding lining were none too pleasing to the eye. Which just goes to prove the old adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The main thing about any golf shoe is how it feels and these were comfortable from first wearing. A friend and I set off for our annual golf week in spring this year to some fantastic links courses in Ayrshire (and what a bargain the Troon municipal courses are).

We played seven rounds over three days, which is a severe test for any new shoe - especially one worn by an over-weight, beer-drinking, early 40-something man [nah, you're not that attractive, Ed]. Yet these Hi-Tec's passed with flying colours.

Thirty-six holes a day is becoming a challenge to say the least but the shoes coped considerably better than my game, as I can report not a single blister. They were absolutely brilliant. The initial comments on appearance that I received were caused, I think, by the fact that any new golf shoe tends to stand out, especially those in two-tone colours.

The final rating is well above average. If further recommendation were needed, I am using these Hi-Tec's now in preference to the much more expensive shoes I bought two years ago.
The shoes features are:
* New Orton last
* Clarino Microfibre Vamp
* Chifa soft leather saddle and quarter
* Oxford cut
* Sympatex(r) membrane
* Superknit moisture wicking lining
* Bellows tongue
* Snakebyte outsole
* New exclusive Tornado cleats with Fastwist receptacles
* 1 year British waterproof guarantee.

But the best news of all is the RRP is £49.99, which is as near to a bargain as it's possible to get nowadays.

Steve Fenton

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