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Learn from Justin Leonard's 72nd hole at Whistling Straits
Justin Leonard stood on the 72nd tee of the US PGA Championship needing a par to win. He hit a great drive but then his approach finished a few, agonising yards short.

This is a man who, like all Tour pros, knows to within a few feet he hits any given club in the bag - do you? The chances are that you will say 'no' simply because most of us don't swing the club or strike the ball with enough consistency to have that degree of accuracy. We know what we can hit a given club, if we strike the ball with purity, but how often does that happen in a round?

Next time you play a friendly game, or have a round on your own, every time you face a full approach shot, just as an experiment select your club and then replace it with the next longest one in the bag - so if you think it's a 7-iron, choose the 6-iron.

We'd be prepared to bet that you hit more greens in regulation than you usually would. If Justin Leonard can get it wrong at such a critical time, the chances are that you do, too, but much more often.

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