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Dance with who you brung
No matter what your handicap, golf is one of the most difficult games to play consistently. Even at the very highest level - the European or US Tours - a player rarely wins by virtue of four superb rounds; at least 18 of the 72 holes will involve grinding out a score rather than bucketfuls of birdies.

But one of the reasons why the top pros are able to do this is that they rarely set themselves unobtainable standards. If their putting's a little off they concentrate on making sure to two-putt. If their iron play is inconsistent, they pay even greater attention to driving, or putting, or both. In essence, they've learned to dance with who they brung.

This old saying simply reflects that our swing and our game can change from day-to-day and week-to-week but that on any given day you must play with the game you have, not the one you'd like. If you seem not to have the same crispness of strike as usual and the ball starts falling short of the target, take an extra club. If you can't seem to get the correct line on putts, make sure you get the distance right so that least you don't three-putt. If you're having serious problems getting out of bunkers, make sure to aim well away from them.

And you can always console yourself with the thought that tomorrow it will be completely different.

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