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Take the good out of the bad
Almost all of us would rather play with the sun on our back than in driving wind or heavy rain. But the successful golfer is the one who realises that bad weather will eliminate a third of the field because they don't have the technique to cope with adverse conditions, and another third who don't have the necessary attitude.

At its simplest, you have to play with what you've got, and if that means sodden fairways, temporary greens or poor visibility, so be it. By recognising on the first tee that scoring will perhaps be more difficult - but more importantly, accepting the fact rather than railing against it, you will have a significant advantage over much of the field.

And it isn't all bad news. In fog, for example, there's less temptation to look up early to see where your ball is going (because you can't see it anyway!), so you should allow yourself to trust your swing.

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