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The waggle is not just a way of staying relaxed
Most golfers waggle their club before starting their takeaway and the majority do it simply to ensure that they stay loose and relaxed, and do not 'freeze' over the ball before pulling the trigger.

And we're not, incidentally, talking about the very specific kind of movement adopted by Mike Weir (pictured above) among others. What he's doing is trying to pre-programme a very deliberate movement - much in the way that Nick Faldo did for a while when he rebuilt his swing with David Leadbetter.

But what this kind of move does is help dictate the path your full swing will follow, and if you're not careful with your waggle you could be unknowingly 'practising' a miniature version of your swing, and one that you don't want.

Next time you play, watch your partners and the chances are, if they waggle towards the inside line, that's how they will swing, and vice versa. This is fine if that's the kind of swing they want to replicate but often, the waggle is unconsciously doing the opposite of what they mean to do when they move the club back.

Don't fall into the same trap and make your waggle work for, not against, you.

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