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Take a lesson from the master, Seve
Finding fairways and greens is always important but, as Seve Ballesteros demonstrated a few weeks ago, the player with a deadly short game is a match for anyone.

Seve, who has slipped so far down the world rankings that he's virtually off the graph, beat Colin Montgomerie, one of the best players in the world, over 18 holes of matchplay in the Seve Trophy.

So ask yourself, when was the last time you practised your short game? Golfers generally are notoriously bad at taking lessons and then practising (and golfers in Scotland are among the worst) but if you do see them at the driving range or practice ground, chances are they will be trying to blast a driver.

Do you carry a specialist lob wedge, and if so, are you confident about the length of backswing you need to propel the ball a given distance? And answer truthfully, how many times do you get down in two from around the green?

With the long summer evenings upon us, and the comparatively little space required for chipping practice, there really is no excuse for not bringing your short game into good shape over the next few weeks.

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