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Problems with Bunkers
Bunkers are relatively easy to get out of, but how often have you been confronted with a plugged lie in a bunker. This makes playing a conventional bunker shot almost impossible, but, don't worry, there is a technique you can use to get out of trouble.

Whereas with a normal bunker shot your feet, hips and shoulders will aim well left of your target (open) with a plugged lie they will be parallel to your ball to target line. The ball needs to be in the middle of your stance and the club face will be pointing well left of your target (closed, if you're a right hander). Finally your grip pressure needs to be as light as possible.

The club will then be swung quite steeply into the sand just behind the ball. The toe of the club goes into the sand first and the combination of a light grip pressure and the resistance of the sand opens the clubface and lets it slip under the ball. There will be less backspin on this shot so allow for more run.

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