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The new Hi-Tec golf boot may look unorthodox but proves functional for winter
They certainly are unorthodox and seemed more appropriate to mountaineering than golf. In saying that I have decided to trudge my way through winter conditions this year and need all the help I can get to remain dry and warm and must admit that these are in fact highly practical not matter how unconventional they look. On the first time of wearing I was surprised how comfortable they were, my immediate worry was that they would restrict my turn and feel heavy - in fact they were quiet the opposite, being very soft and light. There is nothing worse than trudging through the heavy rough on a cold and damp day, the long damp grass causing dampness to get into your shoes resulting in wet feet. Of course with boots you are better protected, I am pleased to say the last few rounds, despite numerous visits to deep rough and gorse my feet have remained dry as a bone.The makers claim they can tackle rain, mud, frost and snow without the dedicated golfer having to worry about cold or wet feet. I must admit that on the coldest and wettest of days the Scottish winter can throw at us these boots certainly hold up, and frankly any help we can get to protect us from the elements in these conditions have got to be a good thingThey feature a waterproof Hi-Cut upper with a wide-fitting to accommodate thick woolly socks - an added bonus for the frosty mornings as well as waterproof and breathable lining, rubber sole with soft spikes, although I believe that 6mm metal spikes for better grip are available (I am sure our green keeper will thank Hi Tech for that). Apparently golf boots are not a new idea. I do remember my father, who was not the keenest of golfers or a follower of fashion, wearing Wellington boots on the golf course (much to my embarrassment) when I was a boy. So I suppose that are a considerable improvement on that. There are other brands in the market, such as adidas Mud Skipper and the Stylo Mucker are variations on our product and they are selling well at a range of golf shops throughout Europe  so the idea is not totally novel. I personally believe that they are very practical and will certainly carry on wearing them over the winter months, okay they are not the trendiest golf attire I poses but underneath the waterproofs, woolly hats, gloves, umbrellas etc who is going to notice or care for that matter.Two other points; one good, one bad. I wore these for 18 holes having only pulled them on once before, to go to the range, and theyre so soft and comfortable that I had no blisters or other after-effects. The bad point is that my rainsuit trousers are getting on a bit now and dont have a zip at the bottom of the leg  so pulling them on over these boots involves quite a bit of one-legged hopping. But thats a minor complaint and is certainly not one to prevent me wearing these excellent boots for the remainder of the winter  or whenever else underfoot conditions demand it.Price: £40-60Colour: Black/charcoalSizes: UK: 6-12 (inc halves)Eur: 39-46USA 7-13 (inc halves).

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