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Think of a pro to play like one
Golf is not a game of perfect and everyone loses the shape or feel of their swing from time to time.

Assuming that you're not trying to make specific changes under the guidance of your PGA pro, when your swing does disappear, here's a potential mid-round fix that might get you striking the ball crisply again.

Simply, it involves forgetting everything about the technicalities of your swing and concentrating instead on rhythm and tempo. If you are a technically minded player and find this difficult, just picture the swing of a Tour golfer you admire and try to emulate it. You won't, of course, but you might get a lot closer to their rhythm than you think.

Retief Goosen would be a good model to adopt - he was voted a few years ago by his fellow pros to have the best swing on the European Tour - and he epitomises that old adage: 'Never do anything in a golf swing at the sacrifice of balance'.

No matter what the circumstances, Retief always swings within himself and just adopting this one element of his game could help get you back to something like your best.

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