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Don't fight the wind
Here in the UK we're enjoying a glorious summer but we all know what it's like to play in a strong wind - it can knock you off balance, out of your rhythm and out of contention in your match or competition.

If we're honest, most of quite like having a strong following wind, meaning that we can hit a 7-iron 180 yards, but the real problems come when we're playing directly into a gale. So often in this situation, especially off the teeing ground, the ball balloons upwards and we lose all distance and penetration on the shot.

The reason is backspin, and in these circumstances you want to reduce backspin as much as possible. To achieve this, simply do the following:
Put the ball back in your stance by about two inches;
Put 75% of your weight on your left side (for right-handed golfers);
If you're not using driver, take an extra club for every 10mph of wind;
Swing slow and easy.

That's it.

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