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You can make up more strokes on the green than anywhere else
Some improvements can be achieved by going for a lesson, some by practise and others simply by thinking about your game in a different way.

For example, most handicap golfers hit their approach shots short of the target. By this we don't just mean short of the green, but even if on the putting surface, short of the flagstick. And the same pattern is replicated with a putter in hand - far more putts are missed by being short than over-strong.

So next time you go out for a round, have just one ambition - that every putt that it isn't holed will be past the target. It will encourage a more emphatic stroke; itself a good thing, and as the putt rolls past the hole you will get a pretty clear indication of any break or borrow you need to take into account for the one coming back.

We're prepared to bet that you won't be past the hole every time, but it should be your ambition.

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