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A better driver than Schumacher
Whenever I read product or equipment reviews I am always wary of hyperbole and over-enthusiastic claims on behalf of a bit of kit but the Big Easy driver from KaneGolf is an exceptional club and deserves far wider publicity than it will have received to date.

But first, it is important to put things into context. Until a few years ago I rarely carried a driver, arguing that for most golfers the potential benefits of an extra 10 yards were far outweighed by the likelihood of ending up in the rough. But club technology and design - most specifically larger clubheads and bigger sweetspots - has meant that most, if not all standards of golfer can now afford to carry a 1-wood. In consequence, driver sales have rocketed and most club golfers can now hit the club with some degree of consistency.

Nevertheless, for me and quite a few others, drawing a driver out of the bag was always a bit of a gamble and never without an element of fear. If I was driving well with a 3-wood did I really want to risk it with a 1-wood; and if not driving well, why increase my chances of a mis-hit by using what is, after all, the most difficult club we carry?

Now, thanks to this Big Easy, no such fears exist. This club has made my 3-wood redundant except for one hole on my home course where you have to lay up from the tee in order to avoid running through the fairway. It is, without doubt, the easiest driver I have ever played and I am averaging between 8-12 fairways a round (out of 14) using it. It is both long and straight which for me is an almost unheard of combination.

The Big Easy is offset and has a clubface that is 2 degrees closed, to counter-act a slice, and the two-tone paintwork on the clubhead make it extremely easy to set up to the ball square. The grip is a Golf Pride Whisper - probably the most comfortable on the market, and the package is completed by an excellent graphite shaft. I have been playing with the 10.5 degrees of loft model but it's also available in 12.5 degrees.

If that weren't enough, the Big Easy comes with the Geoff endorsement, but that needs a little explanation. Geoff is my best mate and has been for over 40 years but, while I love him to bits, it has to be said, he's a crap golfer. I think he's only broken 100 twice in his life and his main criteria for an excellent round of golf is that he finishes with the same ball with which he started. Geoff never carries a driver and invariably tees off with a 5-wood, because that's the most he feels comfortable with.

So when we played recently and I smacked one off the first tee long and straight, Geoff inevitably asked for a go. He was, if anything, more astonished by the result than me. In consequence he used the Big Easy for the rest of the round (and hasn't stopped pestering me since to see if I can get him one) and freely admits he has never driven with such consistency. Another tester, who plays off a 22-handicap, has been using the 12.5 degrees model and is equally impressed. He says he hits the ball a wee bit high and consequently loses a bit of distance but he has never been so straight in his life. An eight handicapper also enjoyed using the Big Easy but he generates a bit more clubhead speed than the rest of us so for him the shaft was a bit too whippy, yet even he enjoyed the experience. What he hasn't been enjoying is the fact that, until this season he regularly outdrove me by about 30 yards, but that is now down to 5-10 yards.

Last year the Callaway Great Big Bertha II was our Product of the Year and I can give no greater recommendation to the Big Easy than to say that it keeps the Callaway out of my bag. Oh, and it not only costs just £99 but comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee. Deals don't get much better than that.

Contact details:
Telephone: 0141 810 2922/3
Address: Unit 13, 30 Dalziel Road, Hillington Industrial Estate, Glasgow G52 4NN .

Martin Vousden, 11 handicap

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