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In winter, in Scotland, few pieces of equipment will be as necessary as this rainsuit
I was thrilled to be chosen by our wonderful editor [that's enough sarcasm, Ed] to test the new Ping Collection waterproofs. My pair were well over 10-years old and had seen the worst of a decade of Scottish winters - just like playing golf with Ed, they were becoming a bit of an embarrassment with which to be seen on the golf course [that's better, Ed].

I am a hardy soul and endeavour to play golf in wind, sleet, snow, frost and even very occasionally) sunshine - I play over the winter months as well.

The ideal set of waterproofs need to keep the player warm and dry when the elements throw everything they have at him (her), while at the same time keep the golfer dry but cool when we move into the deluge of our Scottish summers. Just to make the task even more impossible, I am also looking for a suit that allows me to swing freely with little noise, to keep me focused on playing to the best of my ability and throughout the winter months.

The Ping Collection promotional guff states that they are 'engineered to improve your golf performance during the most demanding weather conditions.' I can't say that they 'improved' my performance but they certainly did not hurt it, and limited the damage caused in playing in adverse conditions.

Unlike the waterproofs of 20 years ago, when making a swing was like trying to play golf in a straight jacket and the noise of fabric was very off-putting, I am pleased to report that Ping uses lightweight, low noise fabrics that are waterproof, windproof and highly breathable. This results in garments that allow maximum freedom of movement. In the heaviest of rain I still remained dry throughout, little water seemed to slide up the trousers, they are very lightweight which not only allows a free swing they don't add much weight when being carried. They are windproof and waterproof and worth every penny.

Model tested: Wyndham
Available colours: Red, royal blue, sand or titanium (grey), all with black.
Sizes: Small to extra, extra large
Price: £120

Steve Fenton
Eight-handicap, Scotscraig Golf Club

©    20 - DECEMBER 2004

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