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Whether you chip or pitch, know what the club will do
When you are pitching or chipping from around the green the club you use may vary according to the circumstances. So if you have to negotiate a bunker or long grass, for example, you will need more loft.

And because you need to use different clubs in different situations, it can be difficult to judge how far you want the ball to travel in the air, and how much on the ground, so here's a simple formula. But first, remember that in all these circumstances your target is not the hole but the spot on the green where you want the ball to land.

With a lob wedge (60 degrees or more) you should be trying to hit the ball 70% in the air and 30% along the ground;
Sand wedge: 60/40
Pitching wedge: 50/50
9-iron: 40/60.

Naturally, the quality of strike and other factors will have an influence but as a general rule of thumb this formula should help you get it closer more often.

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