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Practice what's wrong, not what's right
We all enjoy the sensation of well-hit shots, so it's little surprise when you see golfers at driving ranges and practice grounds whaling away with their drivers and longer irons.

But to really progress and see your scores tumble, you need to dramatically improve your short game and at least half of any practice session should be devoted to this part of your golf.

Answer, as honestly as you can, these questions:
If you're on the range and hit three consecutive good shots with a driver, would you then move to your wedge?
If you should practise chipping and pitching, do you make a point of hitting several shots from a bare, buried or otherwise awkward lie?
When on the practice green, do you only have one ball, and therefore one attempt at each putt, because that's more realistic?

If you answered 'Yes' to all three questions, you're on track to sharpening your short game. If you said 'No' to one or more, then your scoring will never reflect your potential ability.

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