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Learn what not to do from John Daly
Tour pros are remarkably skilled but not everything they do can or should be copied by amateur players.

Eamonn Darcy, and Jim Furyk, for example, have swings all their own that are not things of beauty but they are effective - for them at least. And John Daly has probably unwittingly created legions of disc and back problems in handicap players trying to copy his unique way of swinging a club.

But any time your club goes past the horizontal at the top of your backswing you will struggle to retain control of it and subsequently hit consistent shots. This applies to any club but is particularly true of the wedges, which you should try never to hit flat out.

John Daly is a supremely gifted player, which is why he can get away with his idiosyncratic style, but if you copy him you're more likely to end up in traction than on the winner's rostrum.

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