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Get the ball to bite
Greg Norman, who has just won $1 million in a skins game by scooping the whole pot (see news) is well-known for the phenomenal amount of backspin he generates. And we at ScottishGolf are often asked how to do the same (create backspin that is, not win $1m).

It's actually not too difficult and relies a little on technique and a little on equipment.

First, get a balata (softer covered) ball, which reacts much more to any spin put on it - the downside, of course, is that if you fade/slice or draw/hook the ball, that also will be exaggerated.

Second, ensure that the grooves of your club are clean.

Third, strike down hard on the ball, ensuring that you strike ball first, then turf.

However, before practising this shot it is worth asking yourself one question, namely: 'During the course of the 2001 season, how many times did I hit approach shots past the flag, as opposed to short of it?'

If the answer is 'Not too many' then you should also ask yourself: 'Why do I need backspin?'

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