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Practice the things you do wrong, not right
There are only two elements involved in a putt - line and distance. And of those two, ask yourself which you would always get exactly right, if given a choice. Virtually all amateur and handicap players would say 'distance' because they're much more likely to leave it four or five feet short or long than they are to misread the line by the same amount.

And yet, stand at any golf club to watch players hit a few practice putts before they tee off and the likelihood is that most of them will concentrate on line. They will drop two or three balls onto the green and stroke them towards a particular hole.

But the practice would, in most cases, be much better spent if they took three balls and hit them to three different targets - one short, one long and one middling. That way they will get a much better feel for the pace of the greens and the way they're swinging the putter on that particular day.

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