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We test the Burton Quest
Burton, an American company, has been making good quality golf bags for a long time but inexplicably they haven't been available over here for a couple of seasons - thankfully they're now back, distributed by 1000 Mile Sportswear.

This is a nice looking bag with ample space for the numerous accessories that are a vital part of the golf outing. It is comfortable and sits nicely balanced on the lower back when trekking around the fairways.

A useful feature is the long tags attached to zips, which are especially 'handy' in the cold winter months when frozen fingers have difficulty with fiddly catches and fastenings. The puzzle though is why, of the seven external pockets, only three have these extra-long tags?
The bag has five graphite friendly club dividers and an integral stand.

The design and materials used for carry bags has improved so much over the last couple of decades - when Sun Mountain were at the forefront of developing a radical new product - that most manufacturers have a good range to offer so buying decisions can hinge on one or two little touches.

A couple that we liked on this Burton model were a fur lined valuables pocket - we're not convinced it's really necessary but it feels nice - and a separate internal compartment for your putter. It is, after all, the only club you're likely to use on every hole so having it instantly accessible is a bonus.

The one blemish was that it took our initial tester a few outings to master putting the bag down without doing himself some damage. It seemed that the natural way he put the bag down caused the inbuilt stand to spring open towards his favourite body part - even after a week of use he was still jumping out of the way.
However, his problems weren't replicated by our second tester, so either he has an odd way of putting a bag down or is more precious than most about his crown jewels.
RRP £130 GBP

Ask your local pro for details or call 01923 242233 for your nearest stockist.

SG Verdict: Towards the expensive end of the market but easy to see why; quality always costs.

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